Health Comes to the Home – Implementing Remote Patient Care


As we continue to work with community service providers across the US and Canada we are definitely seeing an increased trend on driving home health care initiatives as part of care delivery. As highlighted in a great paper by the OACCAC:

“Advances in health knowledge, practice, technology and pharmacology are helping people to live well longer and have more of their health care needs met in their homes and communities, rather than more traditional care in institutions. The profile of needs is changing from episodic illnesses to the long-term management of chronic diseases.”


“This will be a different generation of seniors, comfortable with technology and with different expectations for a health care system that engages them and adapts to their needs and preferences.”

Empowering informal caregivers to help individuals with complex care needs through the use of technology and information is what Mozzaz is all about. Over the next several months we will be embarking on a set of home care projects driven by community care organizations actively implementing remote patient care solutions. We will be helping caregivers deploy personalized care plans across mobile devices and then be able to capture data and observations to measure outcomes in real-time to support remote patient monitoring and care. Stay tuned as we blog about our progress and results.



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