No Room for Errors


I remember the first time I said “We have No Room for Errors” to my team.  I remember the silence I could hear in the room but only for a fraction of time.  Everyone challenge my comment.  Everyone questioned my thought process. Everyone said that human beings make errors.  Everyone indicated that a man is not a machine.

We live in a world  where globalization is the norm, where information travels around the world in seconds, where the demand is more every minute it waits, where perfection is no longer a success factor but an expectation, where today it is too late and tomorrow not soon enough.  We have been walking the Quality path since the days of Quality became Free through Total Quality Management, ISO 9000, CMMI, Six Sigma, Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA), Quality Function Deployment (QFD), Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA), and Advance Product Quality Planning (APQP) and many other vehicles tailored to each and every step of any process by measuring its deviations, its faults, its limits.  Systems provide tracking and reporting mechanisms, but attitude and passion provide results.

Let’s be real, there is No Room for Errors! Competition in every aspect thrives on how much better they can be from what you can produce and deliver.  Whether your business is in the wireless scene, in the financial arena, in the software development world or in a service organization, you must only aim at an error free delivery, a defect free product,  zero tolerance for errors and an operation with a seamless operating environment.  You cannot compete or survive otherwise.

Why not become your best competition?  Instead of measuring how close your end result was to 100%, challenge yourself to remove the obstacles which prohibit you from delivering at 100%.   Use your energy in a positive manner targeted at living, working, leading, managing, building, creating and delivering your services and products without an error.  No Room for Errors, you have to live it, to breath it, to model it every second you are alive.

Once I read that it takes months to find a customer… but seconds to lose one.  How real!  And yet how far away from the daily routine everyone follows.  The excitement should not be in conquering but in ensuring that what you conquered is not looking at your competition. Unless, of course, you are your competition.

Having a passion for simply doing what is  right is all it takes in creating a No Room for Errors operating environment.  Do your people share your vision and passion?  Do they have the same motivation you have?  What is the reward for simply delivering this?  Is there a penalty box for those that do not?

It is personal and cultural in nature.  Ask yourself, does my modus operandi set the stage for the “No Room for Errors” culture to be embraced or is it the opposite?   Quite often we do not practice what we preach.  We expect a zero defect environment without ensuring that the infrastructure (operational, technological and systemic) allows this optimum level of performance and delivery to exist.  Does the staff have all of the tools needed to deliver a flawless product and service?  Have you asked yourself this question?  How do you know they do?  What were your answers?  Make sure they do!

Companies that excel in this arena are few and very profitable.  Your customers expect a perfect product and service when they contracted you; 100% is the norm.   Establish within your organization an operating mindset where errors are not acceptable or expected.  On the contrary, establish your organization’s modus operandi to be one that excels and prides itself in its perfection.  You want to be second to none!


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