Obama Signs Autism CARES Act

Obama signs Autism CARES act

We applaud President Obama for signing a reauthorization of the nation’s primary autism legislation, the bipartisan Autism Collaboration, Accountability, Research, Education and Support Act, or Autism CARES Act of 2014 that includes more than a billion dollars in federal funding for the developmental disorder. Thank you!!

Approximately $1.5 billion has been dedicated to autism spectrum disorders research over the past five years through the combined efforts of U.S. government agencies and private organizations. This investment has helped to support progress in key research areas such as identifying risk factors, treatments and interventions, services, and data collection.”

The law calls for $260 million annually through 2019 for autism research, prevalence tracking, screening, professional training and other initiatives.

We have made it our mission to continue building innovative solutions for individuals with developmental disabilities, including autism, and the care teams that support them.

Our consumer engagement solution, CARETILES, supports personalized care plans, data tracking and observations for progress tracking and measuring outcomes – aligned to what government and healthcare organizations are demanding for accountable care.


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