talkingtiles, an assistive care solution, Brings Big Smiles to LEEP Forward in Chicago

Talking Tiles


talkingtiles, an assistive care solution, transforms daily living for special needs children at LEEP in Chicago, IL. Hear from Lorell Morin, founder of LEEP, and Abigail, an SLP, who share their views on how talkingtiles is helping their center and their kids.

Watch the video here.

talkingtiles is a CARETILES application. CoCENTRIX CARETILES, a suite of interactive, mobile consumer applications, provides a platform designed to enable the consumer to participate and remain an active stakeholder in designing, monitoring and documenting compliance with their care plan.

CARETILES is integrated within our Coordinated Care Platform, allowing the care plan to be a bidirectional living, breathing document — extending information exchange beyond your organization’s four walls.


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